Bonded 100% Polyester Thread is made from a corded thread, a high strength resilient and continuous filament polyester. It is bonded with a finish and assures unraveling. The bonded finish adds strength and reduces fraying at needle eye. 92 weight has been found to be strong enough to support the seams of slings, cushions and umbrellas.

Bonded Polyester is the most common thread choice for stitching products that will be exposed to UV rays (sunshine). Polyester fibers have a greater resistance to wear and tear from UV rays compared to nylon fibers. Bonded Polyester has better fade resistance, which makes it ideal for sewing outdoor furnishings, convertible automobiles, awnings, marine fabrics, and more. The bonding agent which coats the thread adds strength and reduces friction at the needle. Bonded Polyester has excellent chemical and mildew resistance.

We have thread spools in:

0.5 Lb (Approx. 2250 yards ) available in several colors.

1.0 Lb (Approx. 5,304 yards)  available in several colors.

Bobbins (Approx: 36 yards) available in six colors.


  • Has UV Protection for outdoor use.
Weight 1.00 lbs

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