FS-007 Yard of Dupioni Poolside

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These fabrics are excellent for slings, umbrellas and cushions.

The jacquard plus fabrics have a 42 x 14 construction.

Novelty Montera has a 30 x 14 construction.

Phifertex Plus and Novelty Collection fabrics are covered by a 3 year limited warranty.

Our outdoor fabrics can be used for patio furniture sling, cushion, upholstery, boat tops, canopies, covers, marine cushions, awnings and umbrella material

Coordinating powder paint, spray paint and vinyl is also available.

You may order by increments’ of one yard or by the bolt.
54″ wide cut by the yard you have selected

See cleaning instructions here.

***Cleaning Instructions***
To clean vinyl-coated, polyester fabric, apply with a sponge or soft bristle brush a solution of one cup of mild dishwash soap and one cup bleach and three (3) gallons of water.

Allow to sit for fifteen (15) minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Like any household project, take precautions and wear proper eye protection and rubber gloves.

Weight 4 lbs

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